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If you want a web site that works, rather than one that looks great with all the latest bells and whistles, then you’re in the right place.  DZyne.net is the right fit for your business, school or organisation.

You know what you need – we know how to deliver it.

The DZyne.net philosophy is to make websites look very well, easy to navigate, with plenty of interesting content. Content is very important in a website, without it you can’t expect people to find it. Take it from us, website design is important – things need to look well, but website content is extremely important – you need to be found by new customers, without engaging content this can’t be done.

Content Updates


Your online presence – your choice.

DIY – All DZyne.net sites are created so that the owner can update the content if they wish to do so. Not everybody does, but if you do that option is available to you. We’ll show you how to put new information on your site – so you can be in control.

Outsourced – Updating websites, blogs and social networking platforms isn’t for everybody, though. Therefore we offer a Content Provision service, where we’ll put regular content on the site for you. You can decide to have your content updated weekly, monthly or quarterly. Regular information provision keeps Search Engines interested in your site, it means they will revisit regularly and pick up your new information. This brings you new viewers which we help you convert to new customers for your product or service.


So how is all this alchemy achieved? Through the wonderful open-source platform known as WordPress. We use it for most of our websites simply because it is the best, and easiest to use.

Although WordPress is primarily a blogging platform it also allows the building of complex websites in a simple and efficient manner. Most importantly, the sites can be built with an eye on ease-of-use for the end-user – that would be you.

Essentially, we use WordPress to create the framework – the initial building blocks if you will – then we build the house – and you maintain it by adding information to the original site whenever you’ve got news and updates.

Social MediaTwitter LogoFacebook Logo

The reason DZyne.net is a Full Online Service Provider is because, when designing a website these days there is more to it than just plonking a website out there and walking away from it. There are numerous other factors that need to be considered and integrated. Social networking is one of them. Love it or hate it, Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus are all now part of the business landscape.

Clients now need social media to be an integral part of any site design. This is something that comes as standard with a Dzyne.net creation. Not only this, we can integrate Social Network posts, to reduce your workload.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)iPhone4

The whole point of a DZyne.net website is that everything is done with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind (take a look at our page ‘What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?‘ if you don’t know what the term refers to). With proper SEO set up on your website, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will be very easily able to find your website – which is very important. There’s no point in having the best product or service in the world if nobody can find it.

Traffic Analysis

Here at DZyne.net we incorporate a number of traffic tracking tools. The reason being that, while Google’s Analytics is a worthwhile product, it is beleaguered with problems with fake visits (sites set up to directly

Google has delivered a host of free enhancements for website developers, one of the better ones is Analytics. Essentially it allows you to track viewer access to your site on a number of levels, it is an excellent tool.

All Dzyne.net websites include the setup of an Analytics account so that you can track traffic to your site. This allows you to judge which topics, pages and posts are attracting the most traffic and which ones may need some work to attract more traffic.

Should you wish to set up a Google AdWords account to immediately attract (paid for) traffic to your site, we can also set up and manage such an account for you.

Email Marketing

Unlike many new age digital platform creators we still love old-school stuff that still works. Email Marketing is one of those very effective tools that is now regularly overlooked. Email Marketing is still one of the most effective ways of getting repeat business from customers or visitors you’ve already had on your website. Many sites ignore this most important of resources. If people have already been to your site make sure you make every effort to bring them back there. They’ve shown an interest in your product, service or organisation – don’t just let them go away never to return again.

Visit our Email Marketing page for further information on this invaluable promotional tool.

Go Multi-PlatformResponsive Design

More and more people use their mobile phones and tablets to access internet content. All our websites are designed to work equally well on PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile phone. Your website is created specifically for access by users of these devices. Take a look at www.DZyne.net on your mobile device or tablet to see how the site performs in a non-desktop environment.

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